Your horse assisted coaching also in English

Do not hesitate to contact me if you have questions.

It‘s time to take the easy way

You are anxious? You need some stress relief? Don‘t find any peace? Have too much to do? Don‘t know how to say no? Can‘t decide? Everything is so heavy on you?

Then it‘s time for a coaching to find the easy way and to ease your life! Find your own solutions to cope with your stress and your problems.


process of a horse assisted coaching
After the trial wie are going to definite your goal. With the mobilization will always be a transfer. You tell when the process is complete,


We start with a trial of about 45 Minutes. There you get a picture about me and our assistant Estelle, the horse. She is evident for your achievement. We will also get a picture about your order and your goal.

Horseassisted Coaching

After the trial you have time to decide if you would like to work with us. If yes there will be about 3 to 5 sessions. It‘s up to you to decide when you have reached your goal and want to finish your coaching.


1 Coachingsessionà 60 – 90 Min.CHF 150
Pick-up Service from/to the
trainstation Rüti
for free


  • using of infrastructure
  • 🥕 to feed after session
  • short phonecalls, Whatsapp messages and email (< 10 minutes)
  • after 3 weeks feedback by phone
  • acquired material and documents
  • present to remember

Everything in excess of the above:

  • Proportionally to the price of the coachingsession


You can cancel your coachingsession 24 hours in advance without any costs. Else you have to pay for the session.

If the weather is too bad we will talk to each other and switch the coachingsession to another day if we come to this conclusion.

About me

A day without bursting into tears while laughing is a lost day! I can‘t imagine a life without humour.

Pascale Eigensatz
So bin ich.
I would be happy if I can support you in finding your ease again,

Private stuff

Since I was a kid I was around horses. Somethimes underneath them but mostly on top. 🤪 My parents got their first horse as I was at the age of 14 and I took the responsibilty for it for at least one day a week.

When I was about 27 I got my first own horse. I do lots of things with my horse. From enjoying the fields to taking part in show jumping contests. But finally I wanted to get another access to the horses and I decided to participate in the education of horseassisted coaching. I‘m still excited about it. So here I am. 😉

As you see I‘m a person who tries always to find something humourus in life. I love to laugh and find even in something serious a way to see it from the funny side.

Business stuff

After I passed the exam of Bachelor of Science in Psychology I started to work at the assurance of invalidity of the Sozialversicherungsanstalt Zurich in 2013. There I act as Job Coach and specialist for health at work.

If you like to know more, just contact me and ask.

Coaching stuff

You are your own specialist. You bear your solutions. Maybe you don‘t have any access to them at the moment.

I help you to help yourself. Together we are digging for your solutions. I support you changing the way you see the problems. I‘m a digger for gold or better for your strength and skills. With the right questions at the right moment you find your personally important answers.

About Estelle – the horse, your assistant

I call horses ‚divine mirrors‘ – they reflect back the emotions you put in. If you put in love and respect and kindness and curiosity, the horse will return that.

Allan Hamilton
Let me show you how to make your life easy!

Estelle was born in 2006. She is a nice and gentle though big mare. Her eyes can look like Bambis. As she is the leader of the herd to convince her is very challenging sometimes.

That she is a horse makes her a very good assistant to show you either your strengths and / or lacks. Her feedback will always be neutral and unconditional as she doesn‘t care about your origin and social status. But she will definitely act in the most honest way only animals can do.

Make your life easy! Get in contact.